Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire

Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire is a project launched in 2018, with only a few churches included at the moment.

St Mary, Amersham

Important Church Note:
Church is in Old Amersham
C of E - Amersham Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
Chiltern District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (Amersham)
Building Location:
Church Street, Amersham
Nearest Post Code:
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SU 95805 97377
Latitude & Longitude:
51.66701, -0.61611  Map
Church Web Site:
CofE ACNY Web Site:

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Notable Features:
13C Transepts. They are the most significant survivals from the 13C.
15C Font, moved from Norfolk. Preedy fitted a new font in the 1870s. In the 1980s it was replaced by the present 15C font that came from the Norfolk church of Crownthorpe, which was being converted to a house.
Perp W Tower and N Chapel.
Perp S Porch Vault. This medieval vault (with its surprising corbels) makes a splendid entrance to the church.
†1636Monument - Henry Curwen (aged 14). Sculptor was Edward Marshall.
†1654Monument - William Drake.
†1698 made 1725Monument - Montague Drake. Sculptor was Andrew Carpenter. (Signed by Carpenter).
†1714 & †1730Monument - George Bent & his mother.
†1727Monument - Charles Eeles.
†1730Monument - Elizabeth Bent The Monument also acts as an unusual marble "Bequest Board" detailing 2 Bequests to be followed under strict terms.
†1850Monument - Edward Weller. Sculptor was Samuel Manning the Younger..
1870-2 Restoration. Extensions were added to N & S sides, and the church was re-faced with flints. Architect was Frederick Preedy.
1870-2 Rebuilding 14C Arcades and Chancel Arch. Architect was Frederick Preedy.
1870-2 Timber Vault of Chancel. Architect was Frederick Preedy.
1870-2 Pulpit. Designer was Frederick Preedy.
1888 Tower restored. The tower was not re-faced with flints until 16 years after the rest of the church. The work was in memory of Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake, †1888.
1960s Interior refurbished. Work included renewing the floor. Designer was Sebastian Comper.
1971 N Chapel Reredos. Designer was Sebastian Comper.
1975 Royal Arms (Elizabeth II). Made of Plaster (2.5 ft square).
The many Monuments in the Drake Chapel have not yet been listed here.
1728 Drake Chapel built. It was built to the North of the Chancel, to house a large monument for Montague Garrard Drake.
1811 Drake Chapel extended. The Chapel was doubled in size, with the side walls left plain, leaving more room for monuments.
Images of some of the Notable Features in St Mary, Amersham

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