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Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire is a project launched in 2018, with only a few churches included at the moment.

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Index of Brasses

Brasses - Brasses (or Sepulchral Brasses) started to be used on tombstones in the late 13C. They can be on floor-slabs or as part of more elaborate monuments. Many were lost at the Dissolution in 1537 when much church metalwork was melted down. A lot of stones can still be seen with 'indents' where brasses were set. Their use was occasionally revived in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

 9 churches with 22 Brasses

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St Peter Astwood †1409: Roger Keston.

†1534: Thomas Chibnale and 2 wives.

St Peter Burnham early 16C: Gyles Eyre and wife.

late 16C: Eyre family members. 2 brasses

St Peter Chalfont St Peter †1545: Robert Harrison? Robert Harrison was Vicar 1532-45.

†1592: Robert Drury.

St Nicholas Chearsley †1462: John Frankeleyn & wife.

St Michael Chenies †1469: John Walilton and 2 wives.

†1484: Lady Cheyne and her 2nd husband.

†1494: Richard Newland. He was the Rector from 1483 to 1494.

†1510: Lady Phelip.

†1511: Agnes Johnson.

†1524: Elizabeth Broughton.

St Leonard Chesham Bois †1520: Benedict Lee. He was a chrisom baby, one who dies within its first month.

†1516: Elizabeth Cheyne. Husband Robert's brass was added.

†1552: Robert Cheyne. Added to wife Elizabeth's brass.

†1585: John Cheyne.

St Lawrence Chicheley †1558: Anthony Cave & his wife.

c1560: Cave, (first name uncertain). Skeleton in Shroud.

St Mary the Virgin Clifton Reynes c1428: John Reynes.

c1500: Unidentified couple.

St Nicholas Cublington †1410: John Dervyle. He was the 1st Vicar of the church.
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