Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire

Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire is a project launched in 2018, with only a few churches included at the moment.

Index of Selected Monuments

As we cannot record all Church Monuments, those listed here are selected for their importance by sculptor, designer, the people that they remember, or possibly the size, design, or unusual character of the monument.

 17 churches

Thumbnail Building Selected Monuments
St Mary the Virgin
Monument to Sir John Busby, †1700
Monument to Thomas Busby, 1753
Monument to Anne Busby , †1798
Monument to J G Hubbard, 1897
St Mary
Monument to Henry Curwen (aged 14), †1636
Monument to William Drake, †1654
Monument to George Bent and his mother, †1714 & †1730
Monument to Montague Drake, †1698 made 1725
Monument to Edward Weller, †1850
The many Monuments in the Drake Chapel have not yet been listed here, 17C, 18C, 19C
St Mary
Effigy of a Knight under a 15C arch, 13C
St Peter
Monument to Samuel Cranmer, and Mary his second wife †1684, †1640 made 1685
Monument to Margaret Lowndes, †1743
Monument to Margaret Lowndes, †1764
Monument to William Lowndes, †1775
St Mary
Monument to Thomas Ferrer, †1703
Monument to Anne Barker Bell, †1749
Church of the Assumption
Monument to Mathew Pigot, †1598
Monument to Simon Benet, †1682
St Mary & All Saints
Beaconsfield, Old
Monument in Churchyard to Edmund Waller, †1687
Monument to Rev Samuel Bowles †1885, 1886
St Margaret
Monument to George Morgan, †1847
St James the Great
Monument to Samuel Bosse, 1621
All Saints
Bisham (Berks)
Canopied Tomb-chest (brought from Anglesey by Williams family), early 16C
Monument to Sir Philip Hoby (etc), †1558
Monument to Lady Margaret Hoby, †1605
Monument to Lady Elizabeth Russell (formerly Hoby), †1609
Monument to George Kennet Vansittart-Neale (aged 14), †1904
St Mary
Bletchley (MK)
Monument to Richard Lord Grey de Wilton, †1442
Monument to Thomas Sparke, †1616
Monuments (Floor slabs) to Thomas Willis and his wife, †1699
Monument to Catherine (Browne-Willis's wife), †1724
St James
Wall Monument (Aubrey family), 1815
Wall Monument (Aubrey family), 1826
Wall Monument to Sir Thomas Digby Aubrey †1856, †1856
St Botolph
Monument to Charles West †1684, 1684
St Peter
Monument to John Wright, Vicar, †1594
Monument to George Evelyn of Huntercombe Manor, †1657
Monument to Bridget Friend, †1721
Monument to Mr Justice Willes, 1792
All Saints
Monument to Thomas Ravenscroft, †1752
St Simon & Jude
Monument to Thomas Tyrril, †1671
All Saints
Monument to Benedict Lee, †1535
Monument to Baldwyn Thorne , †1823
Monument to Rev Edward Bonus, †1908

Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire

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