Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

St Mary the Virgin, Hambleden

C of E - Wycombe Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
Wycombe District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (South West Chilterns)
Address of Church:
Hambleden Village, Hambleden Valley
Nearest Post Code:
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SU 78403 86603
Latitude & Longitude:
51.57285, -0.87008  Google Map
Church Web Site:
CofE ACNY Web Site:


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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 700 East 3 lights Annunciation, Crucifixion (Mary, John, 2 other women), Journey into Egypt 1851 John Hardman
Details 701 Chancel S (E) Tracery Crucifixion elements and angels after 1868
Details 702 Chancel S (W) Tracery Star of David, Pelican, Agnus Dei after 1868
Details 703 Lady Chapel E 2 lights Annunciation 1915 John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details 704 Lady Chapel S (E) 1 light St Frideswide Unknown John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details 705 Lady Chapel S (C) 1 light St Anne teaching St Mary Unknown John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details 706 Lady Chapel S (W) 1 light St Hilda Unknown John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details 707 S Transept E 3 lights St Nicholas, Virgin Mary & ship, St Michael †1888 Clayton & Bell
Details 708 S Transept S 4 lights Christ and Cross, Ascension, Resurrection, Entombment. ~ Abraham & Isaac, Elijah & chariot, Joseph raised, Brothers put Joseph in pit †1862 Clayton & Bell
Details 711 Nave S (E) 2 lights Baptism of Christ, John the Baptist preaching 1899 Clayton & Bell
Details 713 West 2 lights Feed my Lambs, Miraculous draught of fishes †1882 Clayton & Bell
Details 715 Nave N (E) 2 lights St Elizabeth & St John baptist, St John bapt & Roman soldier 1899 Clayton & Bell
Details 716 N Transept W 2 lights ihc, Pelican, Chi rho, ihs, Agnus Dei, Alpha-Omega 1859 John Hardman
Details 717 N Transept N 3 lights Pascal lamb, Dove in tracery Unknown Clayton & Bell
Details 718 N Transept N upper 2 lights Powell stamped quarries Unknown James Powell & Sons
Details 719 N Transept N (E) 1 light The Visitation:- BV Mary, St Elizabeth, Zachariah, Joseph 1858 John Hardman
Details 723 Chancel N 2 lights Tracery only. Solomon's seal, Angel, Annunciation Unknown

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