Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

Holy Trinity, Hazlemere

C of E - Wycombe Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
Wycombe District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye)
Address of Church:
Amersham Road, Hazlemere
Nearest Post Code:
HP15 7PZ
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SU 88861 95266
Latitude & Longitude:
51.64917, -0.71702  Google Map
Church Web Site:

Notes on Church:
The church was built in 1845, in the Neo-Norman style, which had just become fashionable. Like the original and earliest Norman churches it just had a rectangular nave with a bell-turret at the west end, and a small rounded apse at the east end. It stayed the same for over a century, but by the 1950s was not big enough, so in 1957 it was expanded by adding 3 bays on the east end, with a new apse. Single storey extensions were also added on the west end and the north side, and where they joined a tall tower incorporating a porch was added, in the NW corner. More...
Around 2020 the church was given a major refurbishment, including a new roof. The 1950s extension on the North side of the Nave has been replaced with a much larger one. Alterations have also been made to the 1950s West end of the Nave. However, all the Stained Glass Windows are still intact in the church.

Introduction to Stained Glass:In the 1890s, the original apse was fitted with 3 stained glass windows made by James Powell & Sons, which were moved to the new apse in the 1950s. A Morris & Co window was installed in 1923, and then a Goddard & Gibbs window was fitted in the W wall in 1949. Two more seem to have been added in 1953, and their style must have been liked, as all the other original windows were filled with Goddard & Gibbs glass by 1957. In the early 1960s the other 7 plain windows in the new extension were also fitted with Goddard and Gibbs glass, so now Holy Trinity church has a splendid collection of 20 windows by the same maker.


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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 01 Apse (1) 1 light St Peter with the keys of heaven. See Matthew 16:19 1953 (probably) Goddard & Gibbs
Details 02 Apse (2) 1 light Angel with crown (I will give thee a crown of life) 1898 James Powell & Sons
Details 03 Apse (3) 1 light Christ - Consider the lilies 1893 Ada Currey
James Powell & Sons
Details 04 Apse (4) 1 light Angel with Lilies - Blessed are the pure in heart 1898 James Powell & Sons
Details 05 Apse (5) 1 light St Paul with "The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God". See Eph.6:17 1953 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 06 S Wall (E1) 1 light St John the Baptist 1963 A E Buss
Goddard & Gibbs
Details 07 S Wall (E2) 1 light Christ as a boy in the carpenter's workshop 1963 A E Buss
Goddard & Gibbs
Details 08 S Wall (E3) 1 light Angel with scroll 1923 John Henry Dearle
Morris & Co.
Details 09 S Wall (E4) 1 light Helmet of salvation 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 10 S Wall (E5) 1 light St Mark 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 11 S Wall (E5) 1 light Belt of Truth & Sandals of Peace 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 12 S Wall (E7) 1 light St Matthew 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 13 S Wall (E8) 1 light Hands in Prayer 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 15 Storeroom SW Roundel Virgin & Child 1956 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 17 West 1 light St George 1949 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 20 N Wall (E9) 1 light Breastplate of Righteousness 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 21 N Wall (E8) 1 light St John 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 22 N Wall (E7) 1 light The Boy Samuel 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 23 N Wall (E6) 1 light St Luke 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 24 N Wall (E5) 1 light Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 25 N Wall (E4) 1 light St Andrew 1957 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 26 N Wall (E3) 1 light St Michael 1963 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 27 N Wall (E2) 1 light Virgin and Child, and Agnus Dei 1963 Goddard & Gibbs
Details 28 N Wall (E1) 1 light St Gabriel 1963 Goddard & Gibbs

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