Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

St Mary & All Saints, Beaconsfield, Old

Important Church Note:
Church is in Old Beaconsfield
C of E - Amersham Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
South Bucks District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye)
Address of Church:
Windsor End, Old Beaconsfield
Nearest Post Code:
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SU 94498 90004
Latitude & Longitude:
51.60096, -0.63700  Google Map
Church Web Site:
CofE ACNY Web Site:

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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 700 East 5 lights Gabriel, Christ in Glory, Michael
Cecilia, Frideswide, Margaret of Antioch, Catherine of Alexandria, Helena, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Crucifixion, John, Peter, Benedict, Edmund, Augustine, Lawrence, Sebastian
1869 John Hardman
Details 701 Chancel S 4 lights Annunciation ~ Augustine, Peter, Andrew, David 1897 John Ninian Comper
Details 702 Lady Chapel E 3 lights Gideon, Joshua, David, St Michael, George, Sebastian, Edmund 1870 John Hardman Powell
John Hardman
Details 703 Lady Chapel S 3 lights St Hugh of Lincoln, St Mary Magdalene, St Osmandus of Salisbury 1897 John Ninian Comper
Details 704 S aisle S (E) 2 lights Mary & Christ, St Anne teaching St Mary 1898 John Ninian Comper
Details 705 S aisle S (E2) 2 lights Sts Mary Salome, John Evang, James, Sts Mary Cleophas, Joseph Justas, Simon, James the less & Jude 1898 John Ninian Comper
Details 706 S aisle S (2W) 2 lights St Elizabeth, St John Baptist, St Veronica 1898 John Ninian Comper
Details 707 S aisle S (W) 2 lights Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me') 1948 G E R Smith
AK Nicholson Studios 1937-60's
Details 715 N aisle N (W) 2 lights David, Jonathan 1918 W Aikman
James Powell & Sons
Details 716 N aisle N,(C) 2 lights Nativity 1900 W Aikman
Details 717 N aisle N (E) 2 lights Nimrod, St Hubert of Maastricht †1896 John Ninian Comper

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