Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

St Peter, Tyringham

C of E - Newport Deanery
Local Authority UA:
Milton Keynes UA
Address of Church:
Tyringham Bridge, Tyringham (2 miles NW of Newport Pagnell)
Nearest Post Code:
MK16 9EX
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SP 85940 46699
Latitude & Longitude:
52.11194, -0.74643  Google Map
CofE ACNY Web Site:

Introduction to Stained Glass:Tyringham church has a total of 10 stained glass windows, which very easily fall into 2 groups. Firstly are seven in the single light lancets around the apse, which dates from the rebuilding of the church in 1871. The windows were certainly fitted in the 1870s, but exactly when is not certain. They are all by the rather elusive George Edward Cook who had a London studio in Gower Street. He was better known as a painter, only working in stained glass during the 1870s. His Tyringham windows have elements of a Japanese style. Four of the Cook windows feature St Peter, the Patron Saint of Tyringham church. The other 3 stained glass windows are all on the south side of the Nave, and are by a variety of more widely known makers. They have a common theme though, in that they are all in memory of members of the Tarver family, of whom Joseph Tarver was the Rector for 53 years, and his younger brother Edward John Tarver was the architect who rebuilt the church in 1871. More...
In particular the Cook windows around the apse have particularly bright colours, which might look over exaggerated in the photos on this website. However, be assured they are portrayed as naturally as possible, whilst trying to reveal as much detail as possible.


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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 01 Apse N(W) 1 light Christ & St Peter in Gethsemane 1870's George E Cook
Details 02 Apse N(C) 1 light Christ & St Peter by Galilee 1870's George E Cook
Details 03 Apse N(E) 1 light Virgin Mary 1870's George E Cook
Details 04 Apse East 1 light Crucifixion 1870's George E Cook
Details 05 Apse S(E) 1 light St John 1870's George E Cook
Details 06 Apse S(C) 1 light Christ gives Peter the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. 1870's George E Cook
Details 07 Apse S(W) 1 light Jesus predicts Peter's denial, before the cock crows. 1870's George E Cook
Details 11 Nave S(E) 2 lights Virgin & Child, St Peter 1905 Herbert W Bryans
Details 12 Nave S(E2) 2 lights 3 Disciples, Christ walking on the water 1879 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details 13 Nave S(E3) 1 light Christ - the True Vine 1907 Jones & Willis

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