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St Mary, Wendover

C of E - Wendover Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
Aylesbury Vale District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (Wendover)
Address of Church:
Church Lane, Wendover
Nearest Post Code:
HP22 6NL
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SP 87139 07335
Latitude & Longitude:
51.75793, -0.73890  Google Map
Church Web Site:
CofE ACNY Web Site:

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Notes on Church:
The walls of the Chancel originate from the 13th Century, and the Nave Arcades include features that survive from around 1290 and the 14th Century. The capitals of the piers have a wealth and great variety of ornate carving, some now over 700 years old. The Nave Aisles and Tower date from the 14th Century. However much of the character of the church comes from extensive restorations in the 19th century. More...
Work was done in 1839 by Edward Buckton Lamb, but that was really obliterated only 30 years later by George Edmund Street's work which swept away much from the previous 3 centures. However Street produced the church that was then wanted, with extensions each side of the Chancel, and a seating capacity of well over 500 people. In 2010 the church was refurbished and refurnished, and certainly now has a much brighter interior.

Introduction to Stained Glass:There are 10 Clayton & Bell windows which date from between 1875 and 1906. They were all donated by members of the Smith family, and 9 of them are in memory of members of the Smith family. There are another 5 by James Powell & Sons, dating from between 1895 and 1902. The only modern glass is the pair of engraved glass doors in the N Porch. More...
Much of the stained glass is very dark, in fact the church had a reputation of having a very dark interior. The photos here have been adjusted to show all the colours present in the windows, which can mean that some parts may look rather bright.


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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 01 East 3 lights Christ enthroned, Christ carrying the Cross, Crucifixion, Deposition, Betrayal, Supper at Emmaus. 1875 George Edmund Street
Clayton & Bell
Details 02 Chancel S 2 lights Christ with arms outstretched, Resurrection, Ascension 1875 George Edmund Street
Clayton & Bell
Details 03 Lady Chapel E 2 lights Healing the Centurion's Servant 1895 Clayton & Bell
Details 04 Lady Chapel S 2 lights The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin 1886 Clayton & Bell
Details 05 S aisle S (E) 2 lights The Talents 1895 Clayton & Bell
Details 06 S aisle S (E2) 2 lights The Good Samaritan 1886 Clayton & Bell
Details 07 S aisle S (E3) 2 lights Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Weeds or Tares 1906 Clayton & Bell
Details 10 S aisle S (W) 2 lights The Annunciation 1930 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details 11 West 3 lights Faith, Charity, Hope 1895 Clayton & Bell
Details 12 N aisle N (W) 2 lights Presentaton of Christ in the Temple, and a Hart drinking. 1902 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details 13 N Door Pair of Engraved Glass Doors A Madonna Lily design 1990s Suzie Kennet
Details 14 N aisle N (E3) 2 lights Archangels Raphael and Uriel 1899 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details 15 N aisle N (E2) 2 lights Resurrection, 2 Marys and 2 Angels at the Sepulchre 1898 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details 16 N aisle N (E) 2 lights Archangels Gabriel and Michael, Coat of Arms of William of Wykeham 1895 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details 18 St Mary's Centre N (E) 2 lights The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, The Feeding of the Five Thousand 1894 Clayton & Bell
Details 22 Chancel N 2 lights Annunciation, Nativity 1875 George Edmund Street
Clayton & Bell

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