Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

St Leonard, Chesham Bois

C of E - Amersham Deanery
Local Authority to 2020:
Chiltern District Council
Local Authority UA:
Bucks UA (Amersham)
Address of Church:
High Bois Lane, Chesham Bois (1 mile N of Amersham)
Nearest Post Code:
O/S Map Reference/NGR:
SU 96895 99820
Latitude & Longitude:
51.68878, -0.59968  Google Map
Church Web Site:
CofE ACNY Web Site:

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Thumbnail Code   Location Type Subject(s) Date Craftsmen
Details 700 East 3 lights Some old glass, some from the Salmond collection, and some new by Martin Travers 15th or 16th c. & 1945 Martin Travers
Details 701 Chancel S (E) 2 lights 15th or 16th c. & 1948 Martin Travers
Details 702 Chancel S (W) 2 lights The Sower, Ruth 1913 John Henry Dearle
Edward Burne-Jones
Morris & Co.
Details 703 Nave S (E) 2 lights St Birinus, St Frideswide 1945 James Hogan
James Powell & Sons
Details 704 Nave S (2E) 2 lights St Cecilia, St George 1946 James Hogan
James Powell & Sons
Details 705 Nave S, E of door 2 lights Christ & Mary, sister of Martha, Phebe (sic) & Mary 1908 William Morris & Co. of Westminster
Details 706 Nave S (2W) 2 lights St Matthew, St Mark 1949 Margaret Thompson
Lowndes & Drury
Details 707 Nave S (W) 2 lights St Luke, St John 1949 Margaret Thompson
Lowndes & Drury
Details 708 West 3 lights St Thomas, Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me'), 3 Marys, Resurrection, Entombment, Christ & St Peter, Supper at Emmaus 1947 Martin Travers
Details 709 N aisle W 2 lights St Leonard, St Hugh Faculty 1949 Margaret Thompson
Lowndes & Drury
Details 710 Nave N (W) 2 lights Suffer little children 1980 Alfred R Fisher
Chapel Studio
Details 712 Nave N (C) 2 lights Angel, Caedmon 1971 Alfred R Fisher
James Powell & Sons
Details 714 N aisle N, (E) 2 lights Mary & Martha, Christ 1975 Alfred R Fisher
Chapel Studio
Details 716 Chancel N 2 lights Coats of Arms 15th or 16th c. & 1948 Martin Travers

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