Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

Makers Marks by T Willement

Thomas Willement (1786-1871) was the son of a painter of coaches and heraldry. This early interest in heraldry led by 1812 to his involvement in stained glass. Even after the revival of interest in glass of a religious nature, a high proportion of his work was heraldic, though by 1829 he had designed several church windows in what passed for a mediaeval style. He reached his peak of activity in the 1840s. He pioneered the placing of panels of biblical scenes against a decorative background and his fortunes prospered in these later years. He continued to produce glass until he retired in 1865. His business at 25 Green Street, Mayfair (where his father had also been before him) extended beyond glass, he undertook decorative schemes and fitted out houses. (

1 Window

Window Location Church Date Craftsmen
Details Chancel S (E) St Michael & All Angels in Hughenden †1853 T Willement

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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