Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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Makers Marks by AK Nicholson 1907-1937

See also: AK Nicholson Studios 1937-1960's
Archibald Keightley Nicholson (1871-1937) was one of three sons born in London to the educationalist and politician Sir Charles Nicholson. The three were all talented. The eldest, Charles Nicholson (1867-1949), was a pupil of J. D. Sedding and partner of the architect Henry Wilson, becoming a prominent architect himself, and inheriting his father's baronetcy. The youngest, Sydney Nicholson (1875-1947), was the founder of the Royal School of Church Music, and was knighted for his services to music.
Like his older brother Charles, Archibald Keightley Nicholson (1871-1937) set out to be an architect. He was articled to Henry Wilson at first, but was drawn more towards other crafts, particularly metalwork and stained glass. He is said to have produced his first glasswork as early as 1894. Despite being largely self-taught in this area. In 1907 he set up his own stained glass studios in London, moving to 60 Tapson Street, Westminster in 1916 and 105 Gower Street in 1921. Later addresses (1937), 35 Circus Rd. St John's Wood, (1960's) 1 Carlton Hill, St John's Wood. Over his lifetime, A K Nicholson produced over 700 windows.

After Nicholson's death in 1937, the studio continued to operate as AK Nicholson Studios into the 1960s, run by his former chief designer G.E.R. Smith (1883-1959), who joined Nicholson in 1906 and succeeded him on his death in 1937.
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Window Location Church Date Craftsmen
Link to image of this Window N chapel E St Mary in Great Brickhill 1921 AK Nicholson 1907-1937
Link to image of this Window East Holy Trinity in Penn 1931 AK Nicholson 1907-1937
Link to image of this Window Nave N (E) Holy Trinity in Penn 1917 AK Nicholson 1907-1937

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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