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Windows on the subject of 'Mary Magdalene'

37 Windows, listed in Church Order

Window Location & Subject Church Date Craftsmen
Details East
Mary; Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene; John
St Cecilia in Adstock c1875 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details N aisle N (W)
Well of Samaria; Transfiguration; Good Samaritan
Sermon on Mount; Transfiguration; Mary Magdalene annointing head
St Mary in Amersham c1884 Frederick Preedy
Details Chancel S (C)
Christ appears to Mary Magdalene (Noli me Tangere) / Supper at Emmaus
St Mary in Aylesbury 1858 F W Oliphant
Details Lady Chapel (E)
Three Marys at the Tomb
St Mary in Aylesbury 1868 Burlison & Grylls
Details Chancel S (W)
St Mary; St Mary Magdalene
Church of the Assumption in Beachampton Unknown Clayton & Bell
Details East
Gabriel, Christ in Glory, Michael
Cecilia, Frideswide, Margaret of Antioch, Catherine of Alexandria, Helena, Mary Magdalene; Mary, Crucifixion, John; Peter, Benedict, Edmund; Augustine, Lawrence, Sebastian
St Mary & All Saints in Beaconsfield, Old 1869 John Hardman
Details Lady Chapel S
St Hugh of Lincoln; St Mary Magdalene; St Osmandus of Salisbury
St Mary & All Saints in Beaconsfield, Old 1897 John Ninian Comper
Details S aisle S (E2)
Sts Mary Salome, John Evang, James; Sts Mary Cleophas, Joseph Justas, Simon, James the less & Jude
St Mary & All Saints in Beaconsfield, Old 1898 John Ninian Comper
Details N aisle N (E)
St Simon; St Cecilia; St Faith
St Michael; St Stephen; St Mary Magdalene
All Saints in Calverton Unknown
Details Chancel N
Mary Magdalene
St Peter in Chalvey (Slough) 1861 Lavers & Barraud
Details East
Virgin Mary, St John, soldiers; St Peter, Mary Magdalene, Crucifixion, soldier; Soldiers
St Mary the Virgin in Chilton Unknown Warrington & Son
Details East
St Mary Cleophas; Virgin & child; St Mary Magdalene
St Mary the Virgin in Clifton Reynes 1884 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details Nave S (E)
Tudor Rose, Mercury's staff, St Luke, Robin, St Martin; Haystacks, Plough, Cowslip, Garden of Gethsemene - Christ & Mary Magdalene, Wren, Flowers - roses, petunias, sweet williams, lily
St Nicholas in Cublington 1986 Edward R Payne
Details East
3 Marys; Crucifixion with Mary M; 2 men
St Nicholas in Cuddington 1857 George Edmund Street
James Powell & Sons
Details East
3 Marys; Crucifixion, Mary & John; 2 disciples & soldier
St Mary in Denham 1876 Dixon Frampton & Hean
Details N aisle W
Centre Panel St Mary
St Mary in Denham 1913 A L Moore
Details East
Angel, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham; Christ in Majesty, Crucifixion with Mary & Mary Magdalene & John, Nativity, David, Jesse; Martyr, Josiah, Hezekiah, Rehoboam, Obed
St Peter & Paul in Dinton 1868 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details Chancel N(W)
Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me')
St Mary the Virgin in Drayton Beauchamp Late 19C Clayton & Bell
Details Sanct. N (E)
Resurrection of Christ.
3 Marys at the tomb; Christ, Mary Magdalene and others.
St Peter & Paul in Ellesborough †1877 Burlison & Grylls
Details S Aisle E
St Agnes; Virgin & Child; St Mary Magdalene
St Mary Magdalene in Great Hampden 1939 Joseph E Nuttgens
Details East
Mary Magdalene, St Elizabeth; Mary, Christ, John; Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus
St Mary the Virgin in Hardwick 1875 Clayton & Bell
Details East
3 Women including Virgin Mary; Crucifixion including Mary Magdalene; John, Peter and a knight(?)
All Saints in High Wycombe 1872 John Hardman
Details East
St Luke; Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene; St John
Holy Trinity in Lane End 1882 James Powell & Sons
Details Nave S (C)
St Mary Magdalene
St Mary Magdalene in Latimer 1867 Clayton & Bell
Details East
Mary Magdalene & 2 women; Mary, Crucifixion, John; 3 men
Agony in the Garden ; ?; Christ carrying the cross;
St Mary in Leckhampstead 1873 Clayton & Bell
Details Chancel S
Mary Magdalene & Christ in the Garden
St Mary Magdalene in Little Brickhill 1887 Charles Eamer Kempe
Details East
2 women; Mary M, Crucifixion; St John & woman;
St Mary in Oakley Unknown Lavers, Barraud & Westlake
Details East
Mary; Christ in Majesty; John
St Mary the Virgin in Pitstone 1893 Cakebread Robey & Co.
Details East
Virgin Mary, St John; St Peter, St Mary Magdalene, Christ crucified; St Joseph of Aramathea, Nicodemus
St Mary Magdalene in Shabbington Unknown Clayton & Bell
Details East
Nativity; Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, John; Resurrection
Holy Cross in Slapton 1879 J D Sedding
Details East
Mary Magdalene & Mary; 2 Angels; St John & St Peter
Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stowe 1890 James
C Hardgrave 
James Powell & Sons
Details N aisle W
Jairus' daughter; Ascension; Woman who touched Christ's robe
2 angels & Mary Magdalene at tomb
St Swithun in Swanbourne †1859 James Powell & Sons
Details East
Mary Magdalene; Christ with banner; St John
St Mary the Virgin in Turville 1920 John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details East
Agony in the Garden; Crucifixion with john, Mary & Mary Magdalene; Ascension
Church of the Assumption in Turweston †1870 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details N aisle N (E)
Mary Magdalene; Christ
Church of the Assumption in Turweston 1904 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details Nave S (E2)
Mary Magdalene
St Margaret in Tylers Green †1887 Mayer & Co.
Details S aisle S (E)
St Mary Salome; Virgin and Child; St Mary Magdalene
St Peter & Paul in Wingrave 1929 James Powell & Sons

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