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Windows on the subject of 'Angels'

95 Windows, listed in Church Order

Window Location & Subject Church Date Craftsmen
Details Chancel S (E)
Two angels
St Cecilia in Adstock 1905 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details S aisle E
St Augustine; St Anne teaching St Mary & angel; St Katherine
St Michael & All Angels in Aston Clinton †1954
Details East
Angel, St James, St Stephen; Crucifixion, St Frideswide, St Augustine; Angel, St George, St Catherine
St James in Barton Hartshorn 1909 C E Kempe & Co. Ltd.
Details N transept N
Nativity:- Family and 7 angels
Annunciation below
St James in Barton Hartshorn 1910 C E Kempe & Co. Ltd.
Details East
Angels; Christ in Majesty; Angels
5 Saints; Virgin & Child & John the Baptist; 4 Saints & Thomas Montacute
2 angels with Bisham Abbey at base
All Saints in Bisham (Berks) 1914 James Powell & Sons
Details N aisle N (2E)
St Cecilia; Angel; St Elizabeth of Hungary
All Saints in Bisham (Berks) 1876 Burlison & Grylls
Details N aisle N (C)
3 Marys; Angel
Holy Trinity in Bledlow 1912 Clayton & Bell
Details Nave N
Angel; Gabriel; Angel
St Mark in Bourne End 1919 James Powell & Sons
Details East
Crucifixion and Angels
St Botolph in Bradenham 1865 John Hardman
Details N aisle N (E)
Angel with sword (Michael?); Man looking up to burning fire
St James in Bradwell, New (MK) 1898 Gerald Moira
Details S aisle W
Tree of Jesse - with Jesse, Isaiah, King David, King Solomon, King Rehoboam, King Jotham, an Angel, St Paul, Mary & Jesus, the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
St Lawrence in Bradwell, Old (MK) †1921 Lavers & Westlake
Details Chancel S
3 Marys at the tomb, and 2 angels
St Lawrence in Broughton (MK) 1882 Charles Eamer Kempe
Details Chancel S
2 Angels; Aaron blessing the people
St Mary-the-Moor in Cadmore End (Common) 1867 John Hardman
Details Organ Chamber S
Angel; Three Marys at tomb.
St Giles in Chalfont St Giles †1859 Ward & Hughes
Details Side chapel W
Angel; Risen Christ; Angel, "I am the Resurrection and the Life"
St Joseph (RC) in Chalfont St Peter Unknown
Details Side chapel N (W)
Angel; St Teresa; St Antony; Angel
St Joseph (RC) in Chalfont St Peter 1931
Details Side chapel N (E)
Angel; St Teresa; St Christopher; Angel
St Joseph (RC) in Chalfont St Peter 1931
Details Side chapel E
Archangel Gabriel
St Joseph (RC) in Chalfont St Peter Unknown
Details Nave E (N)
Angel; Virgin Mary; Angel
St Joseph (RC) in Chalfont St Peter c1963
Details Vestry S
Three Marys at the tomb; Angel
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1879 John Hardman
Details Nave S (E)
Magi; Adoration of Magi; Presentation
Annunciation; Visitation; Nativity with Shepherds & Angels
St Peter in Chalvey (Slough) 1879 Charles Eamer Kempe
Details West
Angels in tracery (1880)
(1911) Calling of Peter; Walking on water; Charge to Peter; Peter & John at Gate Beautiful; Tabitha
Malchus' ear; Denial; Peter & John preaching; Escape from prison; Martyrdom
St Peter in Chalvey (Slough) 1880 & 1911 Charles Eamer Kempe
AK Nicholson 1907-1937
C E Kempe & Co. Ltd.
Details East (S)
3 Marys & 2 Angels
Christ Church in Chesham †1869 Clayton & Bell
Details Nave N (C)
Angel; Caedmon
St Leonard in Chesham Bois 1971 Alfred R Fisher
James Powell & Sons
Details Chancel S (W)
Shepherds; Angel
St Nicholas in Cuddington †1891
Details N aisle W
2 angels
St Nicholas in Cuddington 1966?
Details West
Floral and Foliage Patterns, Cross, Crown of Thorns, 4 Cherub Heads
Cemetery Chapel in Datchet 1926 James Powell & Sons
Details West
Te Deum, with Angels, Martyrs, Apostles, Prophets, St.Augustine, St.Ambrose, Nativity and Adoration of the Kings.
St Mary in Datchet 1864 Westlake N H & Allen J M
Lavers & Barraud
Details East
Angel, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham; Christ in Majesty, Crucifixion with Mary & Mary Magdalene & John, Nativity, David, Jesse; Martyr, Josiah, Hezekiah, Rehoboam, Obed
St Peter & Paul in Dinton 1868 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details Chancel S (C)
Christ & Banner of Victory
3 Marys & Angel at the Tomb
St Peter & Paul in Dinton †1879 Ward & Hughes
Details S aisle E
Angel; St Clotilde; Angel
St Peter & Paul in Dinton 1868 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details S Aisle S(W)
Agony in the Garden
Judas & soldiers (John below); Christ (James below); Angel & chalice (Peter below)
St Mary the Virgin in Drayton Beauchamp 1897 Clayton & Bell
Details N Aisle N(W)
The Annunciation, with the Archangel Gabriel, the Virgin Mary, and 2 angels.
St Mary the Virgin in Drayton Beauchamp Late 19C Clayton & Bell
Details East
Angel & Marys at the Tomb
Holy Trinity in Drayton Parslow 1883 Mayer & Co.
Details Vestry E
Christ in Majesty & 4 angels.
St Anne in Dropmore 1913 William Morris & Co. of Westminster
Details Chancel S (W)
Tombstone with angel
All Saints in Emberton †1877
Details Nave S (W)
Angel & 3 Marys at tomb
All Saints in Emberton 1907 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details Nave N (C)
Christ in majesty & angels including St Michael
All Saints in Emberton †1878 Clayton & Bell
Details Chancel N (W)
Annunciation, Mary kneeling and 5 angels
All Saints in Emberton 1865 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details Chancel N (E)
Christ, Mary Magdalene & Angel at tomb
All Saints in Emberton 1861 Clayton & Bell
Details S wall S, E
"In Christ shall all be made again"
St Mary Magdalene in Flaunden †1862 Ward & Hughes
Details S Chapel S (W)
Angel; St John (Revelation 22, 8-9)
St Nicholas in Great Kimble 1880 S Belham & Co.
Details East
Angels & Scriptural texts
St Peter & Paul in Great Missenden 1850 W Wailes
Details East
Angel; Virgin & Child; Angel
St Mary in Haddenham 1982 R Heelas
Michael C Farrar Bell
Details S Aisle W
Angel and toys
St Mary in Haddenham 1952 Michael C Farrar Bell
Details N Aisle W
St Mary in Haddenham 1952 Michael C Farrar Bell
Details N aisle N (E)
2 Angels, one standing and one kneeling and pouring water from a pitcher
St Mary in Haversham 1977 Doritie Kettlewell
Details Apse (4)
Angel with Lilies - Blessed are the pure in heart
Holy Trinity in Hazlemere 1898 James Powell & Sons
Details S Wall (E3)
Angel with scroll
Holy Trinity in Hazlemere 1923 John Henry Dearle
Morris & Co.
Details West
Angels; The Risen Christ; Angels
3 Marys; Angel at the tomb; Sts Peter & John
St Nicholas in Hedsor †1877 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details Chancel S (E)
St Matthew with angel in tracery. Only small details of E light, and none of W light
St Mary in Hitcham 14C
Details S aisle S (C)
Angel at Gesthemane; 4 Angels and Christ
2 Angels at Ascension; 2 Angels at tomb
St Michael & All Angels in Hughenden 1881 Clayton & Bell
Details S aisle S (W)
Gabriel, Annunciation; Angel & Zachariah in Temple
Angel & Joseph; Angels & Shepherds
St Michael & All Angels in Hughenden 1882 Clayton & Bell
Details West
Gabriel; Michael; Raphael; Uriel
Angel, Abraham, Isaac: Jacob's vision: Angel & Gideon: Manoah & wife.
St Michael & All Angels in Hughenden 1882 Clayton & Bell
Details N aisle N (E)
Christ & John at Last Supper; John & angel saying "write"; John and Virgin Mary leaving Golgotha
St Mary the Virgin in Ivinghoe Unknown Ward & Hughes
Details Nave S (E)
Annunciation, Angels, Nativity
Holy Trinity in Lane End 1948 M Edith Aldrich Rope
Details East
Tracery:-Angel; Christ in Glory; Angel. Winged man & Lion; Crowns, ihc,xpc, Lilies; Eagle & winged Bull
All Saints in Lathbury Unknown Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details Apse S
Angel, Charge to St Peter, Angel
St Mary Magdalene in Latimer 1867 Clayton & Bell
Details West
Shepherds & Angels, Adoration of Kings
St Mary Magdalene in Latimer 1886 C Hardgrave 
James Powell & Sons
Details East
Annunciation; Crucifixion; Presentation
Nativity; Last supper; Shepherds & angel
St Nicholas in Lillingstone Dayrell 1894 Clayton & Bell
Details S aisle E
Angel; Christ in majesty; Angel
St Nicholas in Lillingstone Dayrell 1927 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details West
Decorative Panels, Face of Winged Cherub or Angel
St Mary in Linslade, Old (N of town) Unknown
Details Chancel S
St Cecilia and Angels
Dedication unknown in Little Hampden †1931 Joseph E Nuttgens
Details West
Angel; Collection of Reginald Bell's marks and tools
Dedication unknown in Little Hampden 1954 Michael C Farrar Bell
Details East
Angel appearing to the Shepherds; The Good Shepherd; 'Feed my Sheep' (Jesus' Charge to St Peter)
St John the Baptist in Little Missenden 1881 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details East
Radiant motherhood:- Mother and child and angels, father ploughing in background
St Peter in Loudwater (HW) 1953 C J Earthy
Details S aisle S (E)
Come unto me all ye that labour
Man & woman; Christ and angels; Man, woman & child
All Saints in Marlow †1891 Burlison & Grylls
Details S aisle S (C)
St Anne & Mary; Virgin & Christ & 4 angels; St Elizabeth & John Baptist
Biblical scenes below
All Saints in Marlow 1905 Charles Eamer Kempe
Details N aisle N (C)
Angel & Soldier; Christ & Sailor; Angel & Airman
All Saints in Marlow 1921 James Clarke
Arthur J Dix
Details East
Baptism of Jesus, Vision of the Divine Glory, Transfiguration.
Holy Trinity in Marlow 1867 John Hardman
Details East
Angel & St Mary; God the Father & Crucifixion; Angel & St John
St Mary in Marsh Gibbon 1892 H W Lonsdale 
Details Nave S (W)
Angel & Jerusalem; Colonel Pirie as crusader with sword
St Peter & Paul in Medmenham †1917 Romaine Walker
Arthur J Dix
Details East
Lamb with banner of glory, Agnus Dei, surrounded by 5 angels
Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Moulsoe 1895 Burlison & Grylls
Details High East
Angel holding a Shield with the Arms of St Peter & St Paul
St Peter & Paul in Newport Pagnell 1894 George Edmund Street
Alexander Gibbs
Details East
St Michael; Christ in Majesty; St Gabriel
Angel; Virgin and Child; Angel
St Mary in Princes Risborough 1909 C E Kempe & Co. Ltd.
Details S aisle S (C)
The Good Shepherd:- Christ and lamb with angels
All Saints in Ravenstone †1874
Details Chancel S (W)
Cornelius and an angel
St Edward the Confessor in Shalstone †1811 Ward & Hughes
Details East
Angel, Visitation, Dame Lucie, St Anne;
Holy Spirit, Immaculate Conception, Angel, St Bernard, St Joseph;
Angel, Annunciation, St Lucy, St Joachim
St Bernard (Convent) (RC) in Slough 1925 John Hardman
Details East
2 Angels
St Luke & parish scenes
St Luke in Stoke Hammond 1931 H Warren Wilson
Details S aisle S
Mother & child; Angel & child: Commemorates the death of a small child belonging to the Howard-Vyse family. They show the child leaving its earthly mother and accepted by its heavenly, angelic mother.
St Giles in Stoke Poges 1871 Mayer & Co.
Details S gallery (2W)
Christ with banner of Victory and two angels
St Mary & Giles in Stony Stratford (MK) Unknown
Details S wall S (E)
2 angels worshipping Lamb, Agnus Dei
Mary, Crucifixion, John
Moses with 2 men
St Mary & Giles in Stony Stratford (MK) 1896 N H J Westlake
Lavers & Westlake
Details N wall N (W)
Elderly man with Angels (Enoch?)
Christ Ascension
Elijah and Chariot of Fire
St Mary & Giles in Stony Stratford (MK) 1896 N H J Westlake
Lavers & Westlake
Details East
Mary Magdalene & Mary; 2 Angels; St John & St Peter
Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stowe 1890 James
C Hardgrave 
James Powell & Sons
Details Chancel S (E)
St Mary; The risen Christ; St John
Angel; Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me'); Angel
Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stowe 1918 Ernest Penwarden
J W Brown
James Powell & Sons
Details S aisle E
Christ preaching to old man & 2 women?; Ascension
Nativity & Kings; Resurrection
Nativity with Mary & Angel; Crucifixion
Church of the Assumption in Turweston after 1851 T Willement
Details West
Angel with (below) "I am the Resurection and the Life"
St George in Tylers Hill 1981 Alfred R Fisher
Chapel Studio
Details Nave N (2W)
Angel & small child
St Laurence in Upton‑cum‑Chalvey (Slough) 1899 Sharp Bros
Details S aisle E
2 Angels; Christ rising from the Dead; 2 Angels
Peter & John; Angel at Tomb; 3 Marys
St Mary in Wavendon †1852 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details N aisle N (E2)
Resurrection, 2 Marys and 2 Angels at the Sepulchre
St Mary in Wendover 1898 Ernest Penwarden
James Powell & Sons
Details St Mary's Centre N (E)
The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, The Feeding of the Five Thousand
St Mary in Wendover 1894 Clayton & Bell
Details N aisle N (W)
Angel (God is Love); Christ
St Augustine in Westbury 1924 Miss Joyce Meredith
Details Chancel N (W)
St Augustine in Westbury 1901 Charles Eamer Kempe
Details West
Angel; Christ; Angel
7 heads of children above
St Mary in Whaddon 1905 J Bell of Bristol
Details N aisle N (C)
Last Supper
St Laurence; Nativity; Angel
St Laurence in Winslow 1939 MF & HL Pawle
G E R Smith
AK Nicholson Studios 1937-60's

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