Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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Windows on the subject of 'Entombment'

12 Windows, listed in Church Order

Window Location & Subject Church Date Craftsmen
Details S Transept E
Assorted fragments; The Entombment; The Resurrection;
The Crucifixion with BVM & St John; Christ bearing the Cross
St Mary the Virgin in Addington 16C & 17C Flemish
Details N aisle N (E)
Entombment; 3 Marys
Martha & Christ; Raising of widow's son.
St Mary in Amersham c1884 Frederick Preedy
Details Chancel S (E)
Entombment of Christ / Resurrection of Christ
St Mary in Aylesbury 1853 F W Oliphant
Details N aisle N (W)
Nailing to the Cross; Entombment
All Saints in Buckland Unknown
Details West
St Thomas, Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me'); 3 Marys, Resurrection, Entombment; Christ & St Peter, Supper at Emmaus
St Leonard in Chesham Bois 1947 Martin Travers
Details Chancel S (C)
Resurrection; entombment below
All Saints in Emberton †1854 Michael O'Connor & Sons
Details Chancel S (W)
Tombstone with angel
All Saints in Emberton †1877
Details S Transept S
Christ and Cross; Ascension; Resurrection; Entombment.
Abraham & Isaac; Elijah & chariot; Joseph raised; Brothers put Joseph in pit
St Mary the Virgin in Hambleden †1862 Clayton & Bell
Details East
Gethsemane; Crucifixion with Mary M, BVM & John; Entombment; Resurrection
A seated Christ in tracery centre, surrounded by symbols of the 4 evangelists. The stag's head in the centre of the tracery is the badge of Sir Andrewe Wyndesore, descendant of Richard de Windsore.
St Mary in Hitcham 14C and 1906 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details East
Nativity & Annunciation; Crucifixion & Gethsemane; Resurrection & Entombment
All Saints in Oving 1882 Clayton & Bell
Details East
Nativity; Resurrection; Baptism
St Giles in Pitchcott Unknown
Details N Aisle N(E)
Entombment; Resurrection
Holy Trinity in Prestwood 1858 F W Oliphant

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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