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Windows on the subject of 'Portraits'

51 Windows, listed in Church Order

Window Location & Subject Church Date Craftsmen
Details S aisle S (2E)
Christ; An Evangelist (probably John)
St John the Evangelist in Ashley Green †1910
Details S aisle S (E)
Mary & Christ; St Anne teaching St Mary
St Mary & All Saints in Beaconsfield, Old 1898 John Ninian Comper
Details S aisle S (2E)
Jesus,Joseph & Mary in carpenter's shop; Preaching; Charge to St Peter
St James in Bradwell, New (MK) †1807
Details Chancel S (W)
Christ with Martha and Mary ~ Christ restoring sight to the Blind Man.
St Lawrence in Bradwell, Old (MK) 1868 Henry Casolani
James Powell & Sons
Details Nave S (C)
Christ with Martha; The Good Shepherd; Mary Magdalene annointing Christ's feet
St Lawrence in Broughton (MK) †1864 Alexander Gibbs
Details N Transept N
Scenes from the Life of Christ
St Peter in Burnham 1864 Lavers, Barraud & Westlake
Details S aisle W
Christ healing blind man; Christ & Peter on the water
Christ & doctors in temple; Christ with Mary & Martha
All Saints in Calverton Unknown
Details East
Nativity; Ascension; Charge to St Peter.
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1883 Ward & Hughes
Details Lady Chapel S
Martha & Jesus; Marys at the tomb
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1869 Capronnier
Details Nave S (E)
Christ in house of Mary & Martha
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1870 Henry Hughes
Details Nave S (C)
Christ & Marys at tomb
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1875 Henry Hughes
Details Nave N (E2)
Charge to St Peter
St Peter in Chalfont St Peter 1891 Herbert W Bryans
Charles Eamer Kempe
Details West
Angels in tracery (1880)
(1911) Calling of Peter; Walking on water; Charge to Peter; Peter & John at Gate Beautiful; Tabitha
Malchus' ear; Denial; Peter & John preaching; Escape from prison; Martyrdom
St Peter in Chalvey (Slough) 1880 & 1911 Charles Eamer Kempe
AK Nicholson 1907-1937
C E Kempe & Co. Ltd.
Details N aisle N (C)
Acts of Charity; Christ
St Giles in Cheddington 1871 Henry Holiday
James Powell & Sons
Details Nave S, E of door
Christ & Mary, sister of Martha; Phebe (sic) & Mary
St Leonard in Chesham Bois 1908 William Morris & Co. of Westminster
Details N aisle N, (E)
Mary & Martha; Christ
St Leonard in Chesham Bois 1975 Alfred R Fisher
Chapel Studio
Details S aisle S
St Nicholas; Christ; St Luke
St Mary in Denham 1928 AK Nicholson 1907-1937
Details West
Mary, Annunciation; Christ, 3 kings; John Baptist, Baptism
St Mary in Denham †1895 Clayton & Bell
Details S Aisle E
Feed my Lambs
John & James; Christ; Peter and 2 other disciples
St Mary the Virgin in Drayton Beauchamp 1891 Clayton & Bell
Details S Aisle S(W)
Agony in the Garden
Judas & soldiers (John below); Christ (James below); Angel & chalice (Peter below)
St Mary the Virgin in Drayton Beauchamp 1897 Clayton & Bell
Details Sanct. N (E)
Resurrection of Christ.
3 Marys at the tomb; Christ, Mary Magdalene and others.
St Peter & Paul in Ellesborough †1877 Burlison & Grylls
Details Nave S (C)
Christ & parable of talents
All Saints in Emberton 1878 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details S aisle E
Mary with 2 doves; Simeon & Jesus
St Martin in Fenny Stratford (MK) 1897 William Warrington
Details East
Last supper; Crucifixion; St John Evan.
Virgin Mary; Christ; St John Evan
St John the Evangelist in Frieth 1849 A W N Pugin
John Hardman
Details S aisle W
Peter; Christ; Paul
St James in Fulmer Unknown G Hoadley
Details Chancel S (W)
Consider the lilies, Christ & 2 disciples
St John the Baptist in Granborough Unknown Clayton & Bell
Details N aisle E
Hope (St George); Love (Christ); Faith (Patrick Hamelton 1530)
St Mary Magdalene in Great Hampden 1946 Joseph E Nuttgens
Details N aisle
Christ and rays
St James the Greater in Hanslope 1999 David Peace
Sally Scott
Details East
Mary Magdalene, St Elizabeth; Mary, Christ, John; Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus
St Mary the Virgin in Hardwick 1875 Clayton & Bell
Details N Aisle E
Christ with Mary and Martha, Jairus's Daughter.
St Mary in Haversham 1860 Moberley
James Powell & Sons
Details S aisle S (5E)
Christ; St John
All Saints in High Wycombe 1897 Clayton & Bell
Details S aisle S (2W)
Christ; Youth in Armour
St George; St Alban
All Saints in High Wycombe 1920 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details S aisle S (W)
Christ; Guardian Angel
Suffer the little children
All Saints in High Wycombe 1899 John Hardman
Details Foyer W
St Andrew & child; Christ; St George
St Andrew in High Wycombe 1948 Gilbert E Sheedy
Details Chancel S (W)
Christ, Mary & Martha; Noli me tangere ('Do not touch me')
St Peter in Iver †1865 Ward & Hughes
Details Nave N(W)
Mary washing Christ's feet
St Mary Magdalene in Latimer 1873 Henry Holiday
James Powell & Sons
Details Chancel S (E)
St Michael; Christ; St George
St Michael in Lavendon 1938 John Ninian Comper
Details Chancel N (E)
Head of Christ or John the Baptist in tracery
St Edmund in Maids Moreton 16th c.?
Details East
King David, Ambrose; John Bapt, Thomas; Christ, Michael; Paul, Stephen; Isaiah, Augustine. 4 biblical scenes and shield below.
All Saints in Marlow 1876 Burlison & Grylls
Details S aisle S (E)
Come unto me all ye that labour
Man & woman; Christ and angels; Man, woman & child
All Saints in Marlow †1891 Burlison & Grylls
Details Chancel S(W)
Christ & men with fishes, Moses, Adam & Eve; Christ, a family; Man & child, Golden calf
St Peter & Paul in Olney 1973 James A Crombie
J. Wippell & Co.
Details Chancel N
Unknown panel, Howe coat of arms, Nativity scenes.
Holy Trinity in Penn 19thc. 16th c.
Details S aisle S (C)
The Good Shepherd:- Christ and lamb with angels
All Saints in Ravenstone †1874
Details Chancel S (C)
Mary, Christ & John the Baptist
St Mary in Shenley Church End (MK) 1887 Lavers, Barraud & Westlake
Details N Transept E
Christ; Soldier with horse
St Peter & Paul in Stokenchurch †1916 Jones & Willis
Details East
Mary Magdalene; Christ with banner; St John
St Mary the Virgin in Turville 1920 John Charles Norman Bewsey
Details N aisle N (E)
Mary Magdalene; Christ
Church of the Assumption in Turweston 1904 Heaton Butler & Bayne
Details Apse N(C)
Christ & St Peter by Galilee
St Peter in Tyringham 1870's George E Cook
Details Apse S(C)
Christ gives Peter the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.
St Peter in Tyringham 1870's George E Cook
Details West
Angel; Christ; Angel
7 heads of children above
St Mary in Whaddon 1905 J Bell of Bristol
Details East (C)
St Michael & All Angels in Whelpley Hill 1890 Henry Edgley

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