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Window: 03, Chancel S (W), St Margaret, Tylers Green

Location in Church:
Chancel S (W)
4 lights
Plain Glass window installed 1932.
Date Made:
Notes on Window:
Two original windows each with 2 lights were removed in 1932 when an alcove was built through the S wall of the Chancel. The new alcove was fitted with the current 4 light window, which has plain glass.


Previous Windows

Previous Window Information:
Date Installed: 1869-1879 - Date Removed: 1932
The original 1854 pair of windows (03a and 03b on the Church plan) each had 2 lights, probably with plain glass, as can be seen on the older external illustrations. In 1879 new Stained Glass was installed which portrayed the Acts of Mercy, and the figures of St Lucy and St Margaret, or possibly St Agnes. It was donated by Sir Philip and Lady Rose in memory of their great friend Mrs Lucy de Sainte Croix, formerly Miss Lucy Watts. She was born in June 1792 in Southampton, and had married Jasper de Sainte Croix on 4th Nov 1834 at Millbrook in Southampton. In the 1850s the Rose family and the de Sainte Croix families became friends as they were next door neighbours in Hans Place Kensington. Lucy died on 1st August 1878 in Guildford and was buried in the Brompton Cemetery. Not having her own children, in 1854 the Rose's had perpetuated the name "Sainte Croixe" by including it in the name of their 3rd son "George Alfred Sainte Croixe Rose". It was then included in his daughter' name "Evelyn St Croixe Rose" who married Valentine Fleming in 1882. One of their 4 sons was the James Bond author, Ian Fleming. The Rose family obviously thought highly of Lucy, choosing to remember her in 1879 with new stained glass at St Margaret's church at Tylers Green. The glass was removed in 1932 when the Chancel was extended, and the alcove built on the south side of the Chancel.


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In situ image of 1932 window in alcove.
In 1932, when the lower part of the S wall of the Chancel was removed for the alcove, the tops of the old gothic windows were blocked up.
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An early drawing of the church which shows the 2 gothic windows in the S wall of the Chancel, as well as the original large E window.
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Two views of the S side of the Chancel, from before and after the changes made in 1932.
The new Sanctuary is clearly shown by the different colour roof tiles, which can still be seen in 2020.
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Modern View of the S side of the Chancel.
The positions of the 2 Gothic windows are clearly visible, as in 1932 their openings were filled with lighter colour flints than those in the original walls.
A smaller patch in between them marks the position of an original buttress.

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