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Windows by William Warrington - Maker

William Warrington, (1796-1869), was an English maker of stained glass windows. His firm, operating from 1832 to 1875, was one of the earliest of the English Medieval revival and served clients such as Norwich and Peterborough Cathedrals. Warrington was an historian of medieval glass and published an illustrated book The History of Stained Glass. In his youth, Warrington first trained with his father as a painter of armorial shields. He then moved for a time into the stained glass workshop of Thomas Willement, one of the earliest such workshops to be of high renown. In 1832 Warrington established his own stained glass company, where he produced windows that well satisfied the rising fashion of Gothic Revival and in which his own skills as an armorial painter were utilised in the production of domestic as well as ecclesiastical windows. From studying existent ancient windows and emulation of the leading techniques of the master Thomas Willement, Warrington developed a style which allowed him to create windows strongly resembling those of the 13th and 14th centuries in appearance. His windows became the preferred choice of the architect Augustus Welby Pugin who used them in most of his earliest churches, between 1838 and 1842. Wikipedia

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Window Location Church Date Craftsmen
Details S aisle E St Martin in Fenny Stratford (MK) 1897 William Warrington
Details S aisle W St Martin in Fenny Stratford (MK) 1899 William Warrington
Details West St Martin in Fenny Stratford (MK) 1884 William Warrington
Details N aisle N (E) St Martin in Fenny Stratford (MK) Unknown William Warrington
Details Chancel N (2) St Mary in Haddenham c1845 William Warrington

Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire Churches

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