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Historic Churches of Buckinghamshire is a project launched in 2018, with only a few churches included at the moment.

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Index of Hatchments

Hatchments - A funerary Hatchment is a depiction within a black lozenge-shaped frame, generally on a black (sable) background, of a deceased's heraldic achievement, that is to say the escutcheon showing the arms, together with the crest and supporters of his family or person. Regimental Colours and other military or naval emblems are sometimes placed behind the arms of military or naval officers. Such funerary hatchments, generally therefore restricted in use to members of the nobility or armigerous gentry, used to be hung on the wall of a deceased person's house, and were later transferred to the parish church.

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St Michael & All Angels Aston Clinton †1836 Hatchment for Francis, 2nd Viscount Lake. He also has a monument in the church.

†1840 2 Hatchments for George Rowland Minshull. Both hatchments are virtually identical. He also has a monument in the church.
One of the 2 very similar hatchments.

†1876 Hatchment for Sir Anthony Rothschild.

St Peter Chalfont St Peter †17?? Hatchment for Sir Thomas Saunders.

18C/19C 3 Unidentified Hatchments.

†1822 Hatchment for Captain William Gaskell.

†1827 Hatchment for Sophia Hibbert (née Boldero), of Chalfont Park.

†1843 Hatchment for General Terence O'Loghlin, of Chalfont Grange.

St Mary Chesham †1759 Hatchment [1] for Anne Lowndes (née Shales).

†1780 Hatchment [8] possibly for Newe Barwick.

†1784 Hatchment [9] for Coulson Skottowe, High Sherriff of Bucks.

†1784 Hatchment [10] for the widow of Countess Skottowe.

†1808 Hatchment [2] for William Lowndes.

†1831 Hatchment [3] for William Lowndes.

†1848 Hatchment [4] for Harriett Wilson. She was the widow of William Lowndes [hatchment 3].

†1836 Hatchment [5] for Mary Harriet. She married William Lowndes [hatchment 6].

†1864 Hatchment [6] for William Lowndes. He married Mary Harriett [hatchment 5] and then Martha Sutton.

†1905 Hatchment [7] probably for William Lowndes.

St John Evangelist Lacey Green 1825 Hatchment for Sir William Young 3rd Baronet †1824.
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